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  • Secured Assets

    We connect an artwork to a token, secure and hypervised.

  • Decentralized Finance

    Tokens can be bought and sold anonymously from anywhere.

  • Tradeable like an NFT

    Every token is compatible with the NFT standard, so the artwork can be controlled through any mobile phone.

  • Ethereum Blockchain

    All token contracts are designed for the proofed Ethereum network and deployed on the MainNet.

  • Proof of Activity

    Every activity related to a token is publicly and transparently logged on the blockchain.

  • Innovative Smart Contract

    Each real world transaction must be authorized through a digital wallet.

For Warehouses

Paragon collaborates closely with select art warehouses around the world. Paragon enters into storage agreements and incentivizes art warehouses with every artwork sold through Paragon‘s fine art trading platform, providing significant upside to participating warehouses.
If you'd like to cooperate, please contact Stephan at info@paragonart.tech.

For Art Collectors & Investors

Paragon provides buyers and sellers of art a unique access to the fine art market: liquid and highly secure.
Through Paragon's proprietary Secured Non-Fungible Token (SNFT) technology, market participants hold a virtual token that represents the right of ownership to the physical artwork stored in highly secure art warehouses. By buying or selling the token, the underlying artwork also changes ownership.
If you'd like to receive access to our platform, please contact Thomas at info@paragonart.tech.

For Art Galleries

Paragon collaborates with art galleries interested in finding new sales channels for art from upcoming and established artists alike. By storing art in collaborating art warehouses at the start of the collaboration, Paragon‘s fine art trading platform allows for art to be sold at any time without any additional effort such as shipping & handling by participating galleries.
If you'd like to cooperate, please contact Marcus at info@paragonart.tech.

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Physical Assets on Blockchains

The SNFT is a fundamentally new standard to multi-secure physical assets and it connect them to the blockchain.
Physical assets are stored in high-security warehouses as long as the SNFT exists. The SNFT is a proof of ownership and unconditional surrender claim. The SNFT is sufficiently legitimizing without further documents to have the physical asset handed over to the SNFT owner at the warehouse.
SNFT-based tokens are called SQARES.

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"The owner can use the SNFT on all NFT marketplaces and in NFT-enabled wallets, providing great flexibility to own, transfer, and trade the asset behind it." - Rob Stones

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Engine of blockchain-based asset investment

We are a technology company first, and an art company second. With our fine art trading platform, we bring liquidity and transparency to the $1.7 trillion fine art market and assist market participants in making the most of their love for art.
With our blockchain technology, art held in storage facilities across the world can now be traded at the click of a button. We assist artists, galleries, art collectors and art investors in making the transition to the new art market.

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